Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shoshanna's Kitchen -- Bulk Herb Store

I just recently watched a few episodes from Shoshanna's Kitchen and absolutely loved them!!! Shoshanna is one of the daughters of Debi Pearl, (whom I posted about recently). Shoshanna has given me tons of things I want to do, but most importantly to start using more herbs in my diet!! Her smoothies look so yummy and quite simple to put together. I am glad she does offer herb mixes already made up at her store called, Bulk Herb Store. I hope of course to soon be growing some of my own herbs. Enjoy watching her videos!

Bulk Herb Store
Bulk Herb Store YouTube Channel

Here is a video from Shoshanna's Kitchen:

And here is a trailer for her up and coming DVD set called, Making Babies. I definitely want to get this!


  1. It is all exciting, but how does someone get the recipe that you show?

    1. Hi! Well you know, she usually puts the recipe in the description box of her YouTube videos. But this one she didn't. Go to her website, and search sugar scrub and one recipe will pop up for an orange herbal scrub. From it and watching her in this video I put together the probable measurements. So you could just double them to make a larger batch. Hope this helps!

      1 1/2 cups brown cane sugar
      2T almond oil
      2T olive oil
      1 fresh lemon zest
      8 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil
      8 drops eucalyptus essential oil

      Mix to blend. Add a little bit more oil if needed. Enjoy!


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